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Couples Valentine Stretch & Strengthen Retreat


Based on Yogilates New York

Yoga/Pilates (core) Fusion is a powerful training system for the mind, body and spirit bringing together two incredible disciplines; Ashtanga Yoga & Pilates.


Want to Improve your intimacy? Approximately Yoga 30% /Pilates 30%/ Relationship Building 40%  learn anatomical control and core stability exercises from Pilates along with muscle lengthening & strengthening Yoga postures put together in a fun and safe couple bonding form.  This Valentine Day couples Yoga/Pilates Fusion create the right atmosphere to improve the bond you have with your partner. A FAT-BURNING sequence of postures will not only improve your body posture,  increase your muscle tone and help you develop GREAT ABS but also help to improve your relationship and de-stress the mind.



Please Bring:

  • Towel
  •  Blanket
  • comfortable athletic wear
  • water

We are located on the first floor of the Aetna Building at 841 Prudential Drive, Jacksonville, FL  32207.     Pull into the garage please bring in your ticket so we can Validate it.  If you have any trouble locating this parking lot, feel free to call (904) 307-6084.