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25 Ways Sugar Can Kill You! (Featured Article)

Is sugar a sweet old friend that is secretly plotting your destruction from the inside out?

There is a vast sea of research suggesting that it is. Science has now shown us, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that sugar  in all it's different forms, is taking a devastating  toll on your health.

the single largest source of calories for Americans comes from sugar specifically high fructose corn syrup. Just take a look at the sugar consumption trends of the past 300 years.

In 1700, average person consume 4 pounds of sugar per year

in 1800, the average person consumed 18 pounds of sugar per year

In 1900, the average person consumed 90 pounds of sugar per year

in 2009,  the average person consumed 180 pounds of sugar per year

Sugar is loaded into our soft drinks, fruits juices, sports drinks, and hidden in almost all the processed foods from bologna to pretzels to ketchup and cheese spread.  And now most infant formula has the sugar equivalent of one can of coke so babies are being poisoned from day on if taking formula. No wonder there is a obesity and diabetes epidemic in our country.

Did you know 200 year ago if you sampled 100,000 people there would have been fewer than 3 people with diabetes, and today if you sample 100,000 of us  about 10,000  of us would have diabetes

It is easy to become confused by the various sugars and sweeteners.  So here's a quick overview: Dextrose, fructose and glucose are all known as simple sugars. The main difference between them is the way your body breaks them down Glucose and Dextrose are broken down the same but your body breaks down fructose in a much different way... the entire burden is on the liver.

25 Dangers of Sugar to your Health

1.       Sugar can damage your pancreas.
2.       Sugar can increase your body's fluid retention
3.       Sugar is enemy #1 of your healthy bowel movement
4.       Sugar can make your tendons more brittle
5.       Sugar can cause headaches, including migraines
6.       Sugar can cause depression
7.       Sugar lowers the ability of enzymes to function
8.       Sugar can reduce the learning capacity, adversely affect your children's grades and casue learning disorders.
9.       Sugar can damage your liver
10.   Sugar can change the structure of protein and cause a permanent alteration of the way the proteins act in your body.
11.   Sugar can contribute to eczema
12.   Sugar can impair the structure of your DNA
13.   Sugar has been linked to food allergies.
14.   Sugar can cause cardiovascular disease
15.   Sugar can increase blood pressure
16.   Sugar can contribute to osteoporosis.
17.   Sugar can cause varicose veins.
18.   Sugar can cause gallstones
19.   Sugar can interfere with your absorption of protein.
20.   Sugar can cause hemorrhoids.
21.   Sugar can cause autoimmune diseases such as: arthritis, asthma, and multiple sclerosis
22.   Sugar contributes  to obesity
23.   Sugar can cause your saliva to become acidic, tooth decay, and periodontal disease.
24.   Sugar can cause premature aging.
25.   Sugar can weaken eyesight.

1 out of 3 of us will develop diabetes  sometime in our lifetime. and if you have diabetes, you will lose on average, 10 to 15 years of life.  Both type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes affect blood sugar regulation, but while type 1 is an unfortunate twist of fate, the other is almost entirely preventable..

Currently millions of us have type 2 diabetes, but don't know it. Scarily, many more have pre-diabetes, which is slightly higher than normal blood sugar levels that mean you odds of developing full blown diabetes is dramatically higher. If you don't exercise, are overweight and have high blood pressure and family history get checked.

Pre diabetic red flags... Darkended skin in body folds, such as on the sides of the neck, under the arms, and in the groin or on the elbows, knees or knuckles. other warning signs unusual fatigue, excessive thirst and or hunger, frequent urination and unexpected weight loss, cuts and bruises that are slow to heal, tingling or numbness in your hands or feet, or infections of the skin, gums or bladder that keep returning... you could have type to without symptons too so consider these symptoms a gift if you see them.